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Conducting Clinical Trials in India: An Introduction



Clinical Trials in India: Introduction


If you are willing to conduct a clinical trials, which country will you choose and what factors would you consider ?

There are various countries in the race of becoming favourite for conducting clinical trials. The multiple reasons for this race are clinical trial industry is estimated worth $10 billion industry, growing at a rate of 15% and this growth period is expected to extend over a period of coming years.


This article will help the sponsors choose the right country to conduct their clinical trials by considering certain conditions prevalent in different countries and the benefits associated with right choice. This article investigates the case on certain issues critical for clinical trials like variety of patients, skills of clinical trial professionals, the cost and how well clinical trials are backed by technology.


The variety of diseases found in a country is regarded as the most critical factor in deciding the country for conducting clinical research, as there will be more scope of new drug discovery. The next factor i.e. skilled doctor, as high level of investigatory and analytical approach is required in conducting clinical trials.


The revenue generation and cost effectiveness is also given its due consideration in the article. Here, the countries' cost effectiveness are compared but not at the cost of quality of the trials.


The operation of clinical trials in India or any other country is highly information and data oriented. Hence, the support of IT to clinical trials is the buzzword in clinical industry, and is proved to be very effective and is a must. It will be unfair if information technology and other type of technology support is not given its due consideration.

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