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 IVRS/IVR based Services for CLINICAL RESEARCH :

Patient Screening

Patients are central determinants for development of new pharmaceutical products and medical devices through Clinical Research. Availability of potential patient affects directly the progress and success of clinical trials and the effectiveness of new products. Not only just patients but any clinical research or trial seeks a subject who suits their study. The selection of apt subject thus stands as major hiccup for clinical research organization (CRO). IVRS / IVR technology helps here a lot for easing the pressure of selecting a suitable candidate. Depending upon the research topic the IVRS is feeeded with the questions that best defines the criteria of patients required. Patients can call on the advertised number and can respond to the pre recorded question based on IVRS /IVR technology. Patients answers are recorded and if they meet the requisite standards set by authority they are informed that whether they have qualified the screening or not.


Patient Randomization:


Once the patient is screened comes the process of randomizing the subject. The patient randomization process is facilitated by the IVRS making the enrollment of the patient for the simple to complex design clinical trial much faster and flexible. You can avail this facility even at the remote sites for the randomization of new patient at any time of the day. The following fields are included:

  • Patient enrollment and randomization.
  • Schedule Randomization.
  • Informed Consent.
  • Patient History.

Making enrollment both more predictable and more efficient is a major quality benefit, as recruitment is the one of the activity involved in the study least in the control of sponsor.  


Drug Assignment & Drug Information.


IVRS/IVR technology in your clinical Research provides complete drug information at your fingertips. IVRS will provide you the necessary information at any hour of the day for investigatory/ comparator drug. You can avail the following information:


  • Composition
  • Indication
  • Adverse Events
  • Side Effects
  • Warning

This increases the clarity and overall progress of the trial by providing information when needed by client. In case you want further information, you can contact us
Patient Status Management


Successfully screening and enrolling is not enough for clinical research study but managing and maintaining the status of patients is second important factor for Clinical trials. IVRS/ IVR system provides a centralized application and database that is beneficial for making changes in subject information during the study.

Once the patient is enrolled Clinical research site can further maintain the following:


  • Patient Query
  • Patient Discontinuation
  • Patient Unblinding


This can be done by recorded messages again. After provided his pin codes, patient can select the options from above and can seek the information. The information or query provided by him gets recorded and is automatically transferred to the on site managers.


This increases the progress of clinical trials and making it much more efficient and accurate and ease the unnecessary workload over the staff.


CT logistics and Inventory Management

Fermish offers world-class clinical trial material supply management services through its state-of-the-art warehouse and top-notch equipments to store your clinical trial material.


Our IVRS/ IVR technology standards and compliance to global norms ensure that your investigational drugs and other pharmaceutical products are stored under appropriate temperature and other prescribed conditions managed by high-skilled professionals.


The WV( web and voice) extension enables the efficient management by providing control over the CTM inventory. The WV extension system for the management of CTM allows you to:

  • Storage Management
  • Monitoring of Expiry Dates
  • Label Tracking
  • Return of Study Products


Complete information is available on WV extension for the management. Tracking and monitoring for CTM for further information you can contact us.


Patient Diary Management


A Patient Diary is a tool used during a clinical trial or a disease treatment to measure treatment compliance in regard with whether or not patient is using the medication in accordance to the treatment schedule, which is an important problem during clinical trials

Maintaining Patient diaries via IVRS facilitates smoothens the workflow for researcher. A researcher always looks for records before dealing with further progress in subject. Patient diaries maintained in the form of paper records makes the availability of relevant data on required time quite complicated and difficult. Researcher has to search manually for reports in the exhaustive files and by the time he finds the specific diary he may skip the point he wants to put.

Thus, using IVRS for maintaining Patient Dairies helps a lot. IVRS records the information in voice format and than convert it into file format IVRS registers the Patient diary in a storage device and allows for monitoring the time the medication was taken.


Help Desk Transfer


A caller can at any time divert his call to help desk, which will lead him to operator. Operator will assist him in solving his issue and will let him know how to proceed or what can be done to solve the issue.

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