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These white papers provide a comprehensive information on various aspects of clinical research and clinical trials in India as well as other parts of the world.


Drug Development Process

An overview of drug development process including various phases of clinical trials.


Clinical Research Organizations: Road Ahead

A glance over the future and challanges for Clinical Research Organizations.


Role of Contract Research Organizations

This article focusses on role and importance of Contract Research Organizations, their growth potential, their benefits and parameters to be considered while chosing a Contract Research Organization


Data Standards in Clinical Trial: A Paradigm Shift

Latest trends and technologies which are extremely useful for data management in clinical trials are discussed in this articles.


CROs shifting their focus to North India

This article focusses on why clinical research organizations are heading towards northern part of India for conducting clinical clinical trials in North India. The article throws some light on the present scenario of clinical research organizations, opportunities that are yet to be exploited and key players in the field of clinical research in North India


Electronic Data Capturing: A Boon for Clinical Trials

Data in clinical research is bilateral-one related to patients and other related to drugs. Just maintaining data is one thing but providing it when researcher or some other study in charge demands it get very difficult.


Using IVRS for Clinical Trial Management.

An informative article on the use of IVRS in clinical research and how it is facilitating Clinical Trials.


Why Chose India for Conducting Clinical Trials ?

The article provides a comparison on conducting clinical research in various countries, and how India is most suitable option for conducting clinical trials.


Importance of Regulatory Affairs in Clinical Research.

An article depicting the importance of regulatory affairs and stating the primary resposibilities of a Regulatory Consultant.


Good Manufacturing Practices.

A very useful article which will help in understanding the principles of good manufacturing processes and responsibilities of the people involved in it


Good Laboratory Practices.

The paper covers the organizational process and conditions under which clinical field studies are conducted, monitored, recorded and reported.


An Insight into Good Clinical Practices.

An informative guide depicting the principles of GCP and responsibilities of personnals involved in it.


Career Options in Clinical Research.

A comprehensive guide for those who are dreaming of a rewarding career in the field of clinical research.


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